One of the two premium buildings released with level 29 is the Sprawl-Mart, and it’s certainly big (8×12 squares). But is it worth the 90 donuts that seems to be the current going rate for stand-alone buildings (this was the price for Swanky Fish, although Asia de Cuba costs a little more at 100 donuts)? Here’s some pros and cons.

First, some reasons to buy it:

1. It’s a 6 second build and gives you an XP boost on its construction (I forgot to make a note of just how much, so I’ll check this out in the files and let you know when I go in on Sunday).
2. It boosts your income by $300 and 30XP every 12 hours.
3. It gives Agnes an extra 16 hour task to greet customers that pays $750 and 200XP.

4. It gives a boost to your Consumerism rating (which probably dropped as you hit level 29).
5. It’s another store for Legs and Louie to threaten and collect protection money from.
6. Your Springfield residents need a place to shop that sells a wider range of goods than Apu does at the Kwik-E-Mart.
7. You’re a completist, so you want every building!

The list of reasons against is short but powerful:

1. Sprawl-Mart comes without a character.
2. Only Agnes, Legs and Louie seems to interact with it in any way – and only Agnes has a task that keeps her there. Marge seems to ignore it completely, which surprised me.
3. It doesn’t seem to generate any additional quests.
4. As it’s not a limited-time building, there’s really no rush to buy it.
5. It seems to have nothing special in the way of animations, other than an open door reminiscent of the Kwik-E-Mart.
6. Do you really want a large global mega-chain to chase local businesses out of your town?

So, not an essential purchase, then. It’s greatest benefit seems to come from the boost it gives to your Consumerism rating, giving you an alternative to opening another Kwik-E-Mart if you want to keep it at 5 stars.