Welcome, to the ninth weekly guest post by me, Rcsprinter! As we near the tenth week, which has come on quickly, I thought we should have a recap of all the things I’ve covered.

  • I – A list of characters we’d like to see in the game, some of which have already been included since then. These are Lenny and Carl, Jasper Beardly, Agnes Skinner, and the Rich Texan.
  • II – A quiz testing Simpsons knowledge
  • III – The quiz results and posing the question of new buildings
  • IV – A big rant on buildings with special interactive features and notifications
  • V – A history of splash screens, and a link to download the Tapped Out music
  • VI – An analysis of which dog to bet on at the Downs, and advertising friend-gathering website http://simpsonstappedout.eu .
  • VII – Texture glitch pictures, escaping snakes, and other strange snake behaviour.
  • VIII – the earning side of Whacking Day
  • IX – A recap and the ridiculous extension of Whacking Day
  • X – Surprise! This also happens to be on my birthday (May 18), so if I’m a little late with it please bear with.

Secondly, a little bit on the extension of Whacking Day by EA. We’ve already covered this before but I haven’t inserted my opinion yet: it’s a complete sham. A load of people spent donuts hurrying to the end for the prizes they want, but it’s only a game and nobody forced them to. That said, when EA had previously expressly confirmed the end was May the 9th, and then they put it forward a week without telling anybody, was a very poor performance on their part. Is it just EA’s notoriously bad communication, or a sales ploy trying to get more cash for them through donuts? It’s hardly as if they need to. So, you can tell me what you think on the poll a few posts back, and I’ll post the results on May 15th. I can tell you that 10,600 players have already voted, and it’s very close between the top two – 3,927 for delighted and 3,822 for tired of snakes. 2248 for annoyed and 603 for no opinion, finished – at the moment. But those percentages could swing if you cast your vote now! Until next time, goodbye!

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