A couple of people have asked me for my own views on the Whacking Day extension – and quite honestly, I’m a little conflicted….

As regular readers of this blog know, it’s been a buggy, glitchy event, with server outages, problems in adding friends, missing baton modes, and missing prizes to name a few. Just like the Christmas event in terms of playability issues affecting progress, really. On top of that, the goals were unreasonably high for those who really had only a limited amount of time to play if they wanted to maintain good relationships with bosses, families, and significant others.

In spite of that, though, 50% of readers of this blog were able to get to Miss Springfield at least within the deadline, based on the polls. And that’s really the point – because around 50% weren’t, especially those just discovering the game. That indicates an event that wan’t an appropriate length to begin with – and as readers of this blog are fairly dedicated players, it really shouldn’t have been that hard.

So, I’m really pleased that everyone now has the chance to get the free stuff. But like many players, I’m also annoyed that it wasn’t announced in advance, as it was at Christmas. I don’t believe that it was a money-making ploy, though. I think it was just EA’s communication issues again – and communication with players is something they really need to improve at.

I’m coming back from the land of zen, so my position at this end of the day is this: “It is what it is.” And if you’re angry at having spent donuts to get to the target or over Whacking Day, please don’t let it stop you from helping other players achieve their goals.