As most Simpsons fans (and regular readers of this blog) know, Whacking Day proper is May 10. However, there doesn’t appear to be anything in the game files to celebrate the day itself. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be anything: the 12 free donuts from a couple if weeks back weren’t in the files, either – or it may simply be that I haven’t made the link between something that’s sitting there and Whacking Day.

There’s still some of May 9 left across the US, and on the East Coast the business day continues at the time of posting, so we all still have towns full of snakes. At this stage, though, they’re living on borrowed time.

But, as it’s already Whacking Day (May 10) in many parts of the world (including Japan, where I am until tomorrow), here for one last time is an audio-only version of the Whacking Day song sung by the children of Springfield Elementary: