One of the most frequent questions coming through the comments on various posts in the past few weeks has been to do with the sequencing of quests. Here’s a couple from the last few days:

Sleepy gizmo: I finished all the quests leading up to King Toots nearly a week ago but I still haven’t been given the quest to get it. Do you have any suggestions?

Brandon: Is someone ever gonna fix this Hospital glitch?!! I’m also waiting on the Adult Education Annex to unlock. I’ve had a task for that since 25 and that’s on 27. I’m on 28 and still no Annex or Hospital!!

What has happened is that around the time that Whacking Day began, the quests stopped behaving as they’ve behaved since the game began in March last year. Quests started appearing out of order, and you got half way through one quest only for the next one to start.

Some of the forums believe that this is a new way for the game to behave and not a glitch – and that there are now main quests featuring the first building at a level and side quests that lead to or from the second. I don’t really subscribe to this – particularly as, from level 20 on, the so-called “main” and “side” quests form one continuous storyline in most cases. I believe it’s a glitch, and it’s one that I hope will be fixed with the next update.

All you really have to do is respond to those exclamation marks – all the buildings and characters unlock sooner or later, although not in the right order. The combination of Whacking Day and random tasks can make it all a bit difficult to follow, but reports coming in to this blog consistently report that things do eventually get back on track.

So, the bottom line is – if your quests are appearing in the wrong order and none of the walkthroughs seem to resemble what’s happening in your game, don’t worry. It’s all perfectly normal in a very abnormal kind of way. But everything will show up eventually.