Hi all – please, no more egg donation requests in this post. Please use this one: http://tstotips.com/2013/05/09/last-minute-egg-buddies-and-egg-donations/

UPDATE:the short answer is now “yes”. Officially extended one week, see other posts and the poll.

The answer to that one is “yes” and “no”.

EA hasn’t announced an extension – but it’s quite possible that they’ve listened to complaints about previous events. After all, both Christmas and Valentine’s Day finished part way through the advertised final day, prompting something of an outcry from players who had assumed that the finish time was actually when midnight on the final day had hit all around the world.

It’s also worth remembering that an episode promotion had been planned for today – and that it’s only because FOX replaced the episode that was being promoted late last week that this is not happening until later in the year. The promotion would have seen a second chance to get Kang and the introduction of Kodos and looks like it would have been a nice way to transition away from Whacking Day.

Either way, Whacking Day is still with us – but don’t be surprised when it suddenly and completely disappears without warning. That’s because now that the business day has come to an end on the West Coast, we’re well and truly into extra time.

Update: just a reminder that what EA originally planned for today was pretty great. When Fox pulled the episode (for reasons undisclosed), it just couldn’t happen. So, while there are often good reasons to be mad at EA, this really isn’t one of them. 🙂