Whacking Day is almost over. There’s still been no word from EA of an extension – but since last Thursday’s warning that the event finishes on May 9, there have been no further warnings that the event will end as scheduled either. This may or may not mean something – there’s no way of telling.

So, still working on Whacking Day ending sometime on May 9, here’s your last to find an egg buddy/egg donor. If you need eggs to get you to your target, feel free to post a request here, letting people know how many eggs you have and how many you need. Communicate with each other though – everyone stands a better chance of getting there if they help each other out (I’ve put through about 20 comments – but none responding to any of the earlier responses!)

And for those who’ve finished, let’s try and help as many other people to finish as we can.

Thanks to Tomasz for suggesting this.