As regular readers will know, I’m in Japan on business until the end of the week and won’t get back home until late Saturday night. Since I arrived here, this blog has reached 5,000,000 hits – and it probably should be a sign of what my week here is like that there’s no post celebrating it (there probably will be at the weekend, though).

But down to the serious business of where you need to be by the end of the day – and this post is much more straightforward than all the others. That’s because you really need to meet your targets today if you don’t want to be caught out by an early finish to Whacking Day on May 9. While the afternoon is the most likely time for it to finish, it could just as easily finish in the morning. And there’ll be no countdown, if past events are anything to go by. There’s a slim possibility that there will be an extra day or so – but treat that as a bonus, as EA have confirmed that May 9 is the finish date.

Once Whacking Day is over, the eggs and snakes should disappear. Any incomplete Whacking Day quests will simply stop. And we probably won’t know if Tatum and Miss Springfield stay around as premium characters until we check the premium store after it’s all wound up.

So, no numbers today. If you’re still trying to hit your targets, just do your best to hit them today (or at least before the start of the US East Coast business day tomorrow). And if you’ve hit your numbers, spend some time today delivering eggs to people in need of them.

Good luck everyone – and I know there are a lot of questions waiting. I’ll get to those just as soon as I can. Right now, though, it’s my turn to sing karaoke – and I do a pretty “Satisfaction”. πŸ™‚