This is just a little catchup post so confused readers can get it all straight:

There’s two authors of this blog. Rcsprinter (me) and the main guy only known as TSTOTIPS. He does most of the posting and started the blog. I am a guest author who writes a weekly section named Outsiders’ Musings, and a few other little posts here and there.

I taught everybody how to take a picture of their entire town, and asked for pictures of the texture glitch and artful things people have done with their decorations; you can still send these in. You can tell when I’ve written a post because it will say “by rcsprinter” under the title and my comments will have the Firefox fox.

Like TSTOTIPS, I have no affiliation with The Simpsons or EA, I’m just some random player sharing tips. I’m from the UK and work at Wikipedia. I’ll try and answer any questions or problems about the game just like TSTOTIPS, and comments and suggestions are always welcome.

I don’t do twitter or Facebook, but my email address is and that’s where you can contact me with screenshots and other.
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