The main thing that’s going to happen this week in Tapped Out is, of course, the end of Whacking Day – and that’s still firmly scheduled for Thursday, May 9. The exact time it will end is unknown, but unless EA has a change of heart and decides to extend the event (and based on their announcement last week, it doesn’t look like it will happen) expect your Springfield to be clear of snakes by sometime early on Thursday afternoon US at the latest.

But what else is likely to happen this week? Well, there’ll almost certainly be an App Store/Google Play update to change the splash screen. And there was an episode promotion planned featuring Kang and Kodos and a Rigellian Billboard, but it looks like the episode that was being promoted has now been delayed until season 25, which means that we are unlikely to see it until later in the year.

If you’d like to engage in a little speculation, though, about what may or may not come up, and you’re on the home page, click or tap on the link after the picture. If you’re reading this from the post page and you’d like to avoid reading more, now’s your chance to go and read something else.

Please note that this is entirely speculation, and I haven’t yet seen any dates for anything that follows. If fellow file readers have discovered anything I haven’t, please share it:

Option 1: Nothing happens once Whacking Day finishes on Thursday and we go on to have a very quiet month, with only level 29 (featuring Agnes Skinner and the Skinner House) appearing somewhere about the middle of the month. This would be similar to what happened following the Christmas event conclusion on January 10, we had level 25 and a few winter decorations but nothing much more until the Valentine’s event began on January 28. The next event (see Option 2) wouldn’t begin until the end of the month.

Option 2: The Squidport event begins very soon after Whacking Day ends. You can read all about what may happen for this here, here, and here. There’s no indication whether this is a May or June event, so it’s possible it could appear following Whacking Day. As there’s no collection involved, just building, it fits with the lower-impact month that seems to follow a big event month. So, it’s conceivable it could begin this week or next and that level 29 would also arrive mid-month.

In the past, the game has had a big event month followed by a month with something smaller and quieter. There’s at least one big memorabilia collecting event in the files, and an event that involves helping out friends that may or may not be related – and it’s conceivable that either of these could be the summer event and that Squidport may come earlier. But, honestly, we may not know until it arrives.

The bottom line is to watch and see what happens on Thurday US, don’t be surprised if there’s nothing new for the moment and a bit of game business as usual, but be aware that there are lots of great things just around the corner. And none of them involve whacking snakes!