With only a couple of days to go, this is a question that many people who haven’t managed to whack their way to all the prizes are asking. Before I answer it, though, let’s look at how many donuts you would need to go from the Snake Statue to Miss Springfield):

Prize Level Prize Snakes Donuts
6 Duff Stadium 4250 125
7 Pet Snake 5500 125
8 Bare-chested Willie 7500 200
9 Tatum / Springfield Coliseum 10000 250
10 Miss Springfield / Sleep-Eazy Motel 12500 250

This means that if you only managed to whack your way to the Snake Statue, but you really want Miss Springfield, you’re going to need 950 donuts to get all the way to the end. And if your question is “should you?”, it all really depends on what you can afford, whether it’s actually worth that much to you to get these limited time items – and that means deciding whether they’re really worth 50 real world dollars.

Of course, with an Elite Whacking License, 100 friends, an egg buddy, and some time over the next couple of days, it is possible to bring yourself closer to the top of the prize range. But, really, at this stage, if you’re at the Snake Statue or the Duff Stadium and want Tatum or Miss Springfield, it may be that the only way to get yourself within reach of either of them will be to use some donuts.