Looking at my list of things to write about, I think I may have said just about all there is to say about Whacking Day. There’ll be a repost or two this week and possibly one or two new Whacking Day-related posts, but with only a few days to go, it’s almost time to go back to business as usual. And that makes me a bit happy, because I’ve been dreaming snakes and snakes eggs for a couple of weeks now!

One of the things that’s been missed in the Whacking Day deluge is reporting on poll results, so it’s time to catch up. In a poll a week or so ago, I asked whether you would be buying or had bought Ninja Homer, and the results surprised me a little given how much everyone had been looking forward to this costume for Homer before the event:

73.08% of the readers of this blog decided that the price for Ninja Homer was just too high at 120 donuts – and only 26.92% had made a decision to buy him or had already bought him. While his snake-earning powers were considered useful, there were also many premium items that produced far more snakes per donut spent. Perhaps there are some pricing lessons in this for EA – even Fruit-Bat-Man at 90 donuts had more support than this.

Remember, though, if you’ve been thinking about buying Ninja Homer, you’ll only be able to do so until the end of Whacking Day on May 9. And for those who have him, Ninja Homer’s snake-earning powers will disappear with the snakes. Like Mr. Plow and Santa Homer, Ninja Homer will then become another costume for Homer that lets him earn at a premium rate.