Here’s the daily update – and just a bit of warning that tomorrow’s is likely to be a bit late as I’ll be spending most of the morning flying to Japan. I’ll probably prepare it in advance and autopost, so there may be a delay in clearing comments through moderation. Apologies in advance.

May 6 is Day 26 of the Whacking Day event and there’s only a few short days to go until May 9, when the snakes leave Springfield. Remember, we don’t know exactly when on May 9 it will end, so try to stay a little ahead of these numbers.

Here’s where you need to be before the end of the day:

If your May 9 target is all the prizes and all 10 Whack Boxes: You’ll need to be whacking 775 snakes a day and have put 20,150 snakes in your inventory by the end of the day US time. That earns you another Whack Box.
If your May 9 target is Miss Springfield and the Sleep-eazy Motel: You’ll need to be whacking snakes at the rate of 431 a day and have put 11,206 snakes in your inventory by the end of the day. You’re so close that you should really try to push that number a little higher. Apologize to your families in advance.
If your May 9 target is Springfield Coliseum and Tatum: You’ll need to be adding about 345 snakes a day to your inventory. By midnight US Central time, you should have collected around 8,970 of them. Really, you can do more – stay up a little later this evening.
If your May 9 target is Bare-chested Willie: You need to be gathering about 259 snakes a day. By the end of the day, you should have around 6,736. Consider avoiding all social contact during your lunch break to push this number a bit higher.
If your May 9 target is the Pet Snake: You’ll need to collect about 190 snakes every day. As of the end of today, you should have 4,940 in your inventory – how are you planning to use your commuting time this evening?
If your May 9 target is Duff Stadium: You need to be collecting about 146 snakes every day. By the end of the day you should have 3,796 of them. How much do you really want that Stadium – because at a push, you can probably get it today?

If you need some help getting to your targets, either add as many friends as your game allows you to, or find an egg buddy. And if you’ve already got there, don’t forget to thank anyone that helped you, here.

If it’s your first time here and you want to read the basis for the calculations, take a look here (for all ten prizes and the Whack Boxes) and here (for everything else).

Just by the way, this is the most I’ve received from any of the Whack Boxes I’ve earned so far – and it also happens to be the least they contain. Oh well.