This came in from Jon B. and I apologize for taking so long to get to it:

I know you can’t provide tech support, but I was hoping you could help draw attention to a problem some of us Android users are having. I’ve been contacting EA for a week with no response. I have one friend and every time I try to add more I’m told I have the maximum number of friends. Unfortunately this is seriously affecting my ability to participate in whacking day and I’m already past the point of being able to get all 10 prizes, since I can only get at best about 110-130 snakes a day.

Unfortunately, this still seems to be an issue that hasn’t quite been resolved by EA or Origin. Both Android players and Apple players can have up to 100 friends. And while you can never add people who already have 100 friends without getting an error message, what Jon is describing is too common a complaint for this to be the cause of the problem that Android users are facing.

I’m hoping that this will be resolved with the next update, but it will be too late for Whacking Day. So, if you’re an Android user who’s had problems adding friends, please feel free to put your Origin ID in this post describing the problem you’ve been facing. Perhaps other readers can try to add you and, if they can, deliver you some eggs.