The Rich Texan arrived as part of the level 28 update – and instantly made a contribution to the political debate in new Springfield. Whether that’s for better or for worse really depends on your own views. But, given that he’s part of a set of Villains, don’t say you weren’t warned:

Here are some reasons why he’s worth your donuts:

1. At 85 donuts, he’s just that little bit cheaper than recent stand-alone characters and costume, which makes him worth a second look.

2. He has a voice – which means that you can hear all about his new liver and how “America’s not a place for seat-belt wearing cowards.”
3. He comes with a quest that involves Cletus, Burns, Tea Party rallies, gambling and football. What more could you want?
4. His 12-hour mechanical bull riding task is one of the best in the game.

5. He makes his own contribution to the gun-control debate by discharging concealed fire arms in the middle of town for 24 hours straight.

6. He’s someone for Lisa to engage in deep and wide-ranging discussion on environmental and social issues… Okay, scrub that – I just realized, he’s celebrating Texas-style outside my Springfield Buddhist Temple. I think he’ll probably be skipping the debate.

And some reasons why you shouldn’t:

1. You don’t like 2 day tasks in quests – the Rich Texan has one as part of his storyline, although once it’s done, it never appears again.
2. He has no building – and you really only think premium characters are worth it if they have buildings as well.
3. He’s a relatively minor character. Tarnation – in the game, he doesn’t even have a name!
4. And you probably shouldn’t even consider buying him if you’re a Tea Party supporter with no sense of humor.

On balance, he’s not an essential character, but he’s a bit of fun. If you’re on a donut budget, though, consider saving up the extra 5 donuts for Dr. Nick.