While we’re on the subject of Golden Scratch-R’s, here’s a repost of something from a couple of months ago on when it’s better to buy a Golden Scratch-R and when it’s better to bulk-buy donuts:

When you buy a Golden Scratch-R at the Kwikimart, you win donuts every time. But is it better than buying donuts at the donut store? Well, here’s what Lais has to say (the currency used here is Euros, but it applies for other currencies as well):
You buy the cheapest set of donuts, 12 donuts, you pay €1,79, and that’s double the amount of donuts that you get with the worst result on the Golden Scratch-R, and double the price of it too. So if you can’t afford to buy a truckload of donuts but just need another dozen to reach the amount of donuts you need for that premium building you’re saving to buy, it might make sense to try the Golden Scratch-R and maybe you’ll get some extra donuts for the same price!

And Jayson had this to say (using $US):
I’ve calculated the Golden Scratch-R “Worth” using this site’s info –
to determine scratcher odds. I found the average donut output on the scratcher is 13.57 (or 13.7 per $1). This is slightly better than the $9.99 donut buy (13.2 donuts/$) but not nearly as good as the $19.99 donut buy (15donuts/$).

Here’s a comment from Renosis:
Well, I bought a Golden Scratch-r and won 20 donuts. Could have been better, could have been worse. Looking at the break-out of donut prices, it never makes sense to purchase the dozen donuts for $1.99 (not that it was EVER a good deal). As, for $0.99 you can get a Golden Scratch-R and you are guaranteed at least 6 donuts. So if you are itching to spend $1.99, get two Golden Scratch-R’s instead, as the worst that can happen is you will get 12 donuts but more likely you will get between 12 and 200 donuts.

And finally, one from janibach:
Here’s something from Until today I had never spent any real money on this game but today I bought five golden tickets – my way of paying for the months of fun I have already had with it. My prizes were as follows: Ticket 1: 50 donuts; Ticket 2: 12 donuts; Ticket 3: 100 donuts; Ticket 4: 6 donuts & Ticket 5: 12 donuts. Total # of donuts: 180. Total cost to me: $4.95. Now I have Frink’s lab and the TV satellite.

So, even if you don’t have the occasional bigger win, each time you buy a Golden Scratch-R, you’re doing just as well, and even slightly better, than buying a dozen donuts through the donut store. And you’re making Apu very happy.