I’m feeling pretty good today- I finally won 100 donuts on the Golden Scratch-R! And because many players are considering whether to use donuts to jump a Whacking Day prize level or two, it’s reason enough to look at again at the chances of a big Golden Scratch-R win.

The money you spend on a Golden Scratch-R gives you one chance and one chance only at winning donuts (it would be great if the 99 cents – or the equivalent in your currency – gave you a Scratch-R subscription, but it would make very poor business sense for EA!). For those who haven’t played yet, these are the possible winnings:

And here’s the probability you’ll win any of these:

100 donuts – 2% (maybe 2 wins in 100 purchases)
50 donuts – 4%
20 donuts – 10%
12 donuts – 20%
9 donuts – 33.33%
6 donuts – 30.37%

The interesting thing is that you’re slightly more likely to win 9 donuts than you are to win 6 donuts, which makes the Golden Scratch-R at least as good as, and often better than, buying a dozen donuts through the donut store.

And, of course, there’s still the hope of a big win!