For those of you coming out the other side of Whacking Day, it’s now possible to go back to having fun with the game. Here’s some suggestions from Just-Eazy for some fun with the game that players who’ve already whacked their way to their snake targets can have:

Just an idea, but how about a post for ideas to have fun with Whacking Day while it’s around after those players who’ve got their 12,500? (Since, everyone seems to agree that the Whack Boxes aren’t worth it.)

Some ideas I’ve got – instead of whacking snakes:
1: Let Bart skateboard, and tap on the snakes he runs over.
2: Have Smithers whip snakes on a busy street corner.
3: Follow Comic Book Guy [in cosplay] and tap on the snakes he shoots.

Any more ideas? What do you think?

And, while we’re in the mood for having fun with characters, here’s a screenshot from @theharmonway of Homer standing up to the mob!:

Or you could just let everyone have a post-Whacking Day dance party as @FitzpatrickBen did: