With the end of the Whacking Day event just a few short days away, the question of exactly when it will end keeps coming up. And, the answers is, we really don’t know.

It could end anytime on May 9 – it could be sometime during the morning, it could be the afternoon. And it may even be that the event actually ends the morning of the following day US time – but honestly, there’s nothing to indicate that yet, so it’s just as well to plan for the event to end early in the US East Coast business day on May 9 to avoid just missing out on the prize you want.

If you’re cutting it fine in your whacking targets, use Sunday to get yourself ahead of the game. If you’ve read some of the comments on the daily whacking targets post, it’s certainly possible to do so, even without spending donuts. And it seems, based on this weekend’s poll, that around half of the readers of this blog will make Miss Springfield at least.

So, take a look at where you are now, where you want to be, and see what you’ll need to do over the weekend to get you there.