Well, I’d checked the files when I wrote the original version of this post this morning, but I was using my iPhone 5 to do it – which I haven’t been playing on because Whacking Day, my blog and work have taken up so much time. And I realised, after a couple of messages from readers, that I couldn’t find anything new because I hadn’t updated my phone for Respectable Moe yet

There may be one more episode promotion this season – but there may not be. There was certainly a promotion planned, but it looks like Fox’s plans have also changed. While the episode the game items were intended to promote was originally scheduled for next weekend, it appears it has now been postponed until season 25.

If you still want to know all about it (and some brand new stuff in the files), take a look after the picture (which honestly, by itself, is a rather large spoiler!). And if you don’t wantb to know, you probably shouln’t even look at the picture.

For the episode that was originally scheduled to premiere on May 12, Kang will return to Springfield and Kodos will be arriving as well. There are two quests in the files (Rocket to your Doom and Long Distance Charges May Apply), and while the addition of the Raygun is uncertain at this stage, there’s certainly a Rigellian Billboard. However, even though this information was added to the files with last Thursday’s update, late Friday, Fox scheduled a completely different episode. And that may mean we won’t be seeing Kodos and Kang until later in the year.

But in another indication that someone at EA may be reading this blog, there’s a level 31 message (no level 30 message yet, strangely), and some new quests involving Hermann and Hermann’s Military Antiques! And Jasper is now in the files as well as an upcoming character.