Whacking Day is in its final stretch, and I’m getting to the last of the posts on the Whacking Day prizes. Miss Springfield has the longest of the prize quests, so there will be two posts walking you through them. This post takes you through the first of her quests – More than a Pretty Face – A Pretty Body Too.

1. More than a Pretty Face – A Pretty Body Too Part 1 If you’ve whacked enough snakes to put 12,500 of them in your inventory, you’ve well and truly earned Miss Springfield:

Once you’ve completed the 24-hour Sleep-Eazy Motel build, she arrives and joins the ranks of your C-List Celebrities:

2. More than a Pretty Face – A Pretty Body Too Part 2 Miss Springfield appears slightly confused by her reception (she has a conversation with Homer, who doesn’t need to be free):

Homer: Excuse me, Ma’am Springfield, but those aren’t people. Those are snakes.
Miss Springfield: All men are.
Homer: We’re whacking them with sticks if you want to join in.
Miss Springfield: When I was awarded Miss Springfield, I said I wanted to protect all the creatures of the world. But I only meant the cute ones.
Taking Homer up on his offer, Miss Springfield joins in the Whacking Day festivities by attempting to whack snakes for the next 12 hours (and earning you 5 snakes for her efforts!).

3. More than a Pretty Face – A Pretty Body Too Part 3 Miss Springfield decides that she really isn’t cut out for exertions of this kind and, at the same time, inadvertently reveals one of the hidden tragedies of the pageant circuit:

Miss Springfield: …and mama always said that no one would love me if they knew how I smelled.
So, Miss Springfield heads back her room at the Sleep-Eazy Motel to spend 12 hours staying and washing her hair.

Her quest continues in A Model Life