Miss Springfield is a very busy woman – she has so much to do and just to prove it, unlike the other prize characters, she has two quests. If you haven’t read part one, you can take a look here. This post walks you through Miss Springfield’s second quest – A Model Life.

1. A Model Life Part 1 Miss Springfield assesses her priorities…

Miss Springfield: And I wasn’t given this moneymaker not to make some money.
With that realization, she spends the next 24 hours working it.

2. A Model Life Part 2 Working it didn’t seem to have the desired effect…

Miss Springfield: I guess I know what I’m doing tonight…
So, she returns once again to her lonely room at the Sleep-Eazy Motel to spend the next 12 hours washing her hair.

3. A Model Life Part 3 Miss Springfield has another fan letter. But as she can’t read very well, she’s really not sure if it’s from a stalker or a pervert. Realizing that she needs to smarten herself up, she decides to take reading lessons. If you don’t have the Library, though, you’ll need to get to level 12 in your regular game and unlock the Library before you can send her off on this 8-hour task. If you have him, keep Mayor Quimby free when she finishes.

4. A Model Life Part 4 It hasn’t escaped Mayor Quimby’s attention that Miss Springfield has returned…

Miss Springfield: Oh, Mayor. I love how you flatter me when you give me presents. Oooo, this is shiny.
Mayor Quimby: It was my mother’s. I borrowed it from her wing of the museum. Are you still abiding in, um, the same suite of the Sleep-Eazy Motel?
Miss Springfield: I am. But I don’t sleep so good there. I toss and turn all night.
Mayor Quimby: That, errr, sounds great. I love tossing and turning.
To complete her next task, you need to reach level 20 in your regular game and build the Town Hall. Only then will you be able to send Miss Springfield to enjoy an evening with Mayor Quimby – all 3 minutes of it.

5. A Model Life Part 5 Clearly Mayor Quimby was called away quite early on in his evening discussing his campaign platform with Miss Springfield…

Mayor Quimby: I love spending time with you, darling. Now let us never speak of this or tell anyone about it.
Miss Springfield: But my little Quimblebee. I want to take our realtionship public. With an enormous ring. That I can pretend not to be showing off.
Mayor Quimby: Sweetheart, don’t you, er, um have an official occasioning to commemorate?
Miss Springfield: You’re right. And I need to practice. “GENTLEmen, start you…” No. “GentleMEN, start your…”
And off Miss Springfield goes to open a event, which will take her 60 minutes to do outside the Town Hall. And you can have fun making her work alongside Mayor Quimby as well!

And that’s where we leave Miss Springfield.