As Miss Springfield takes so much effort to get towards, I thought I’d do a premium-character style post weighing up whether it’s worth the extra time and effort to collect the 12,500 snakes that lets you get her for free. So, without further ado, here are some reasons why Miss Springfield and the Sleep-Eazy Motel justify all that extra whacking and some reasons why you may decide to stop at Tatum.

First, the reasons in Miss Springfield’s favor:

1. She’s a female character and, as many people have commented, those are few and far between.
2. The Motel, a bit surprisingly for something that’s meant to be sleazy, has a size, shape and color scheme that makes it a pleasing addition to your game. You can see what it looks like here.
3. To jump from 9th prize to 10th with donuts would cost you 250 donuts – which indicates that if she is ever available as a premium item, she’s going to be priced at the more expensive end of the range.
4. She comes with two quests (which is part of what makes me think we may see her in the premium store at some point).
5. She has a nice range of tasks, as you would have seen in yesterday’s post, with my favorite being her 60-minute task to open an event (it’s great if she does this while Mayor Quimby is giving a speech). My second favorite is her 3-minute joint task with the Mayor – but there’s only so many times you can send them off to the motel together for their “meeting”.

And here’s why you may not think she’s not worth all that extra effort:

1. She has no voice – which, all things considered, is a probably a good thing, partly due to reason 2…
2. She may be a female character, but she’s certainly a very stereotypical dumb blond. In fact, one of her tasks is to take reading lessons, underlining the game’s own joke that the writer’s don’t know how to write for female characters. But then Homer is not exactly the most positive male role model, either, so there you go…
3. You believe that she’ll become a premium character and are really tired of all that snake-whacking.
4. You don’t approve of extra-marital relationships with Mayors or anyone else.

I’m a big fan of limited-time items and an even bigger fan of them when they’re free. I’ve been doing lots of whacking while I commute to get her and I know that, at some point in the future, when Whacking Day is a dim, distant memory, I’ll be really glad I did.

Now excuse me while I go and treat the callous on my whacking finger.