Miss Springfield and the Sleep-Eazy Motel are at the apex of the prize list, and many people are wondering whether she’s worth the effort to whack your way to her. There’s a post coming on that (but the short answer is that, on balance, I think she is). You’ve seen the Motel already (and if you missed the post, you can take a look here) – but what exactly does she do when you get her?

Miss Springfield has two quests – a Whacking Day quest and another one that involves an evening with Mayor Quimby (discussing campaign contributions, I’m sure). As she’s a free character, none of her tasks earn at a premium rate but, oddly for the last prize you can win, she has a Whacking Day task that earns you snakes.

Here’s what you’ll be able to send her to do (if you don’t have her already):

Task Length Cash/Snakes XP
Attempt to whack snakes (outdoors) 12 hours 5 snakes 100XP
Enjoy an evening with the Mayor (indoors at the Motel) 3 minutes $12 4XP
Open an event (outdoors at the Town Hall) 1 hour $70 17XP
Go for a waxing (indoors at Jake’s) 4 hours $175 45XP
Take reading lessons (indoors at the Library) 8 hours $275 70XP
Stay in and wash her hair (indoors at the Motel) 12 hours $420 100XP
Work it (outdoors) 24 hours $600 150XP

Unfortunately, she’s a voiceless character, so you won’t be able to hear exactly what she and Mayor Quimby are discussing.