So far on this blog, there are places to find friends and egg buddies – but, as Karen pointed out to me a couple of days ago, there probably needs to be a place for egg donation requests as well.

As a single father of two with a very busy job, I can appreciate that there’s not always the time available to go into the game and whack all the snakes and exchange all the eggs you need to get you all the way up the prize ladder. Also, many teenage players in the UK and elsewhere are busily preparing for their exams and really should be studying rather than spending the time it takes every day to whack the snakes you need to be whacking to get ahead.

Karen explained her own situation this way:

We have places on the blog to find friends and to find egg trading partners but what about those of us who don’t have eggs to trade but could use a few generous donations of eggs to help them catch up? I give all my eggs to my daughter and her 2 friends down the street and unfortunately they don’t give that many back. They say they don’t have a lot of time to get eggs to give, claiming things like “homework” and “school” and “eating” and “playing”. They obviously haven’t seen the commercial for Tapped Out. I have about 40 friends and I’m afraid I don’t have time for many more. None of my friends ever leave me any eggs except my daughter and her friends. I currently have 7748 snakes so I know I am not on target for all 10 prizes but will be kind of close. I really want to get the Sleep-Eazy Motel! What’s a Mom to do? Lol. For anyone wanting to help my user name is kdavidner.

So, if you need a donation as well, let us know how many snakes you have and, like Karen, tell us your story – don’t simply say “Add me” or just leave your Origin ID (those belong on the Add Friends page). And if you’re interested in making a donation, just add anyone whose story you connect with and deliver some eggs, either reguarly or as a one-off drop.

Oh – and tell us your name as well!

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