This is an update of a post from early last month, that also answers the questions about costumes for Carl and Chief Wiggum that keep coming up…

For many players, particularly those that joined the game very recently, Gymnastic Lisa and Bare-Chested Wllie are their first costumes (or “skins”, to use the term that serious gamers prefer). And while they’re Lisa and Willie’s first costume, they’re certainly not the first in the game.

Since October 2012, a few other characters have also been given costumes:

Homer – He’s acquired the most costumes so far with Mayan Homer (from Halloween 2012), Cool Homer (a free costume to promote an episode in November 2012), Santa Homer (from Christmas 2012), Mr Plow (a premium costume from Winter 2013) and now Ninja Homer (his premium Whacking Day costume). When Homer wears his premium costumes, he earns money from his jobs at a premium rate.

Marge – She only has one costume so far and that’s Witch Marge from Halloween 2012. This premium costume gives her the power to speed up crops.

Ned Flanders – He only has one costume, too, and that’s Devil Flanders, also from Halloween 2012.

Grampa Simpson – His Gorgeous Grampa costume came as the free element of a promotion for the Season 24 episode Gorgeous Grampa in early March 2013

Mr. Burns – He acquired his Fruit-Bat-Man costume as a premium purchase with the promotion for the Season 24 episode Dark Night Court in mid-March 2013. When he wears it, he acts like a premium character.

All of these costumes were limited time items and all of them are no longer available. However, like Gymnastic Lisa and Bare-Chested Willie, once you have a costume, it’s yours to keep. And if the information in the files comes to pass, it looks like Moe will have one, too, before the week is out!

But what about Carl’s Viking costume and Chief Wiggum’s female impersonation? They don these outfits for their 24-hour tasks, Carl to celebrate his Icelandic heritage, and Wiggum to go undercover.