This questions comes up several times a day, so it’s probably about time I addressed it in a post.

Whacking Day is the fourth of the Tapped Out events (following Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day) – and it’s only following the Christmas event that the prizes have been transferred to the premium store. During that event, you were able to win Barney’s Bowlarama, Try ‘n’ Save, two of the three Funzos, the Mapple Store, and Santa’s Little Helper. All of these appeared in the premium store once the event concluded on January 11 (although the Mapple Store disappeared from the store very early on in the Android launch, possibly as part of an arrangement with Google). Now, this didn’t happen for either the Halloween or the Valentine’s event, so it’s difficult to say whether we can expect the post-Christmas experience to be repeated following Whacking Day.

But there’s one thing that’s very different about this event compared to any of the others which makes it more of a possibility that they’ll be premium purchases following Whacking Day – and that’s the fact that you can use donuts to accelerate towards a prize. This means that each of these prizes already has a donut price. So, my guess (and it’s only a guess) is that some of the prizes at least will continue to be available after the event as premium items, either for a limited time or permanently. Prime candidates would clearly be Fort Sensible, the Duff Stadium, Tatum and the Coliseum, and Miss Springfield and the Sleep-Eazy Motel.

But I have to stress that this is nothing more than speculation at this stage – there’s nothing to indicate that this will actually happen, other than the fact that it would make really good business sense for EA. But the post-Christmas experience and the donut price on the prizes certainly makes it a possibility.