I’ve been holding on to this comment for a few days now, waiting for the perfect time. And with just a little over a week to go for the Whacking Day event, it’s probably as good a time as any.

This came in from SolGoof a week or so back, and it’s a collection of some very good Whacking Day advice. Some of it’s been covered in passing or in comments, but very few of them have been the subject of their own post:

Here’s a few thoughts/experiences I haven’t seen covered yet (or have simply missed):

  • Reset your daily timers: Don’t have time to visit every friend and tap, whack and lay eggs? Enter a friend’s town and whack one snake or perform one action. This resets the daily timer, so you can take time later to finish up all the tasks but not miss out on an entire day of timer countdowns. 
  • Leave something untapped!: It’s tempting to tap all your building when they become available right away, but remember to leave something untapped for your friends! If you only have Brown houses for them to tap, that’s all they’ll tap; if you leave a White house untapped, they can tap it for you…
  • Do your Whacking Day tasks: if your characters aren’t doing Whacking Day (WD) tasks, I’m less likely to leave any eggs (if it’s not important enough to you to do WD tasks to get snakes, it’s not important to me to leave more eggs either!). The exception would be any tasks that are WD quests, like Apu’s clean-up of the Kwik-E-Mart. Remember, doing those non-snake tasks as part of the quests gives you snakes, too.
  • House Farming: If you House Farm, it is likely I won’t leave eggs (or possibly keep you on my list!). I actually prefer the friends who are lower levels, simply because their Springfield’s are much smaller, simpler, and easier to find snakes in. I don’t mind small or even modertate farms, but not when it’s all blue or white houses packed endlessly together.
  • Whacking Day items/premium items: Same as the above, if you have all the WD rewards or the premium items I’m likely to not leave eggs…because you don’t need them. You either have donuts to spend or have completed the quests already, so there are others who can benefit from my eggs.
  • Keep your streets clean: There are some beautiful Springfield’s out there! I’m amazed at the creativity and effort many people put in to their towns. One suggestion is to keep your streets clean, though. As it has been stated before, snakes tend to stick to the streets (I’ve tracked and on average, I find 4 out of 5 snakes on streets), and having trees or buildings overlap and cover the streets makes finding snakes that much more difficult. Sure, you lose some real estate, but unless you’re farming it’s not a huge loss. Snakes are here for a limited time, so if you’re looking to reach your goals be considerate and make it easier for your friends to find their snakes, too!
  • Take the helmet off your pet snake! I can’t whack him with that silly thing on. 🙂

So that’s the advice from SolGoof. What tips would you like to share with other readers in the final stretch towards the May 9 end to Whacking Day?