EA have been a little more communicative of late. In the last few days there’s finally been a response to the problem faced by many iOs and Android players of their towns being reset to level 1.

According to EAUrsula in this post on ea.answers.com, the studio have now managed to fix a lot of people’s towns and restore them to the correct level. If you’ve had this problem, she recommends getting in touch with customer support, and sets out how you need to do this:

1. Go to www.help.ea and log in with your origin account. The login button is at the top of the page:

2. Once you’ve logged in, you should be able to see your name in the top right:

3. Use this link to get to the correct page. It should look like this:

I hope that’s helpful for people who’ve had this problem (and, indeed, others). It would also be useful if you’re using this channel to let us all know the response and how long it currently takes to get your Springfield back – and whether you get any donuts as compensation.