About 10 days ago, I posted on the problem of the missing prizes (you can see the post here) – and it seems to be a problem that is still going on. For some people, it’s been a matter of looking in the wrong place for the prize (you should be checking the cardboard box in the left-hand corner of your build screen, as you can see here):

If it’s not in your Inventory, you’ll needs to report it to EA following the procedure just a few posts down. You may get the prize back (and some donuts as well by way of compensation), but be prepared for this to take some time.

None of this helps if your Expert Whacking License has gone missing and you’re no longer able to whack snakes in friends’ towns. Resolving the issue is likely to take a couple of weeks and getting it back after Whacking Day when it will be useless is no help whatsoever. This really only leaves you with three options:

1. Buy an Elite Whacking License for 50 donuts – this will activate your Baton mode again and you’ll be able to whack 10 snakes in each friend’s town.
2. Get an egg buddy by posting here (not in the comments section to this post).
3. Comment on this post with a link to a screenshot of what it looks like when you visit a friend so that other readers can see what’s happened to your game and help you out. The screenshot is important – I won’t be clearing requests for help in the comments to this post without one. (You can upload it to Facebook or an image site and link it here.) Let us know how many snakes you have as well.

The Elite Whacking License is probably the most reliable way to get you back on track, but the egg buddy route has also proven successful for many players who have faced the same problem during the event.