Just a word of advice for generous egg donors – be careful of how many eggs you give away at one time.

A number of players have reported that, following large egg drops from friends, they’ve been unable to get into their games. Here’s one from Michael:

Have an issue that just came up today. Egg buddy left me 500+ eggs and now I cannot get back into my game. Has anyone had this issue or if they know what I may try to get this corrected? I have tried powering off my phone and taking battery out. I am at a loss here and a little addicted to this game.

As I’ve taken a look at a couple of these and have been able to get in for them on an iPhone5 with lots of memory free, it sounds like one side-effect of a very generous egg drop has been to test the limit of the memory on their device. I’d suggest trying to log in on a friend’s device or clearing off some Apps or date you no longer need.

So, with that in mind, here’s some very good advice from Dodo:

Just a little piece of advice, do not make a [very large] egg donation. You may be hoping to help someone, but might end up crashing their Springfield. It looks like the game [may] not be able to load a large amount of eggs at the same time.

I left 500+ eggs for a friend and her Springfield crashed every time she tried to load it. It seems like up to 200 eggs at a time is ok.

So, if you are willing to share a large amount of eggs, do it, but just not in one large drop.