With the snake requirements for the prizes set so high, winning Miss Springfield is an impossible dream for many readers of this blog as the results of a poll that’s still running show (you can see it here). So, what’s your daily snake requirement if you’ve started late, been on vacation, or simply don’t have that much time to whack and your final goal is a lower level prize?

Duff Stadium – if this is what you’re aiming for, you need to be collecting about 146 snakes every day. Right now, you should have 2,744 of them.
Pet Snake – to earn “Whacky” (as one reader as named him), you’ll need to collect about 190 snakes every day. As of today, you should have 3,610 in your inventory.
Bare-chested Willie – you’ll need to be collecting about 259 snakes to get the chance to see Willie wrestle a snake. By now, you should have around 4,921.
Springfield Coliseum and Tatum – to be on track for Tatum and his his tiger, you’ll need to be adding about 345 snakes a day to your inventory. At this stage you should have collected around 6,555 of them.

Remember that even if you’re behind, though, getting an egg buddy or buying snake-generating premium items can help you catch up. And if you don’t mind spending donuts, you can also use them to bosst yourself up a prize level.But if you want to keep the prizes free, the numbers above show you where you need to be.