Drederick Tatum (Springfield’s thinly-disguised answer to Mike Tyson) arrives with the Springfield Coliseum as part of the ninth prize in the Whacking Day event – and with him comes a short quest that involves a tiger, a dinner at the Gilded Truffle, and some differing views on what it takes to stay in shape.

1. The Champ’s Come-Back Part 1 Whack 10000 snakes and win the Springfield Coliseum and Tatum. The Coliseum will be delivered to your Inventory (the cardboard box in the left-hand corner of your build menu) and its construction will take 24 hours.

When it’s done, Drederick Tatum join your merry band of New Springfielders as one of your new and improved group of B-List Celebrities.

2. The Champ’s Come-Back Part 2 Tatum is less than happy to be back in Springfield. One of the first people he encounters is Apu (who doesn’t need to be free).

Apu: Drederick Tatum! What an honor! I studied your “Rock ’em, Sock ’em” workouts to learn how to defend my Kwik-E-Mart.
Tatum: Those DVDs paid for a lake house in Switzerland… for my accountant after he stole my money. I’ve had to scale back my extravagant lifestyle. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go walk my tiger.
Which is what he does for the next 4 hours. Keep Homer free as he finishes.

3. The Champ’s Come-Back Part 3 Homer is impressed by Tatum’s tiger…

Tatum: Homer Simpson! It’s been too long since I gave you severe brain damage.
Homer: Oh, don’t worry. My tough is brain.
Tatum: Let me buy you a big unhealthy dinner. After the beating I gave you, I think it’s only fair I help you die faster so you can no longer feel pain.
If you haven’t got to level 16 yet in your regular game, you’ll have to wait until you do to build the Gilded Truffle and send Tatum and Homer there to dine together for 2 hours.

4. The Champ’s Come-Back Part 4 It’s a good meal at the Truffle as always – and it also serves to highlight just how the phrase “stay in shape” can mean different things to different people…

Homer: And I need to take a nap so I can stay in shape. That shape is spherical.
Tatum gets into his running gear and spends the next 24 hours jogging around New Springfield – while Homer assumes his favorite position and spends only 4 hours way over-sleeping for a power nap (which is much better time management!).

And that’s where we leave Tatum and Homer – which means that if you want to send Tatum to fight at the Springfield Coliseum, you’re going to need to do it yourself.