A small change to the title of this regular post from today, to take into account readers who are new to the game and those whose families have not disowned them due to excessive snake-whacking. If you want to read the basis for the calculations, take a look here (for all ten prizes and the Whack Boxes) and here (for everything else).

April 30 is Day 20 and if you want to be on track for your target prize level, this is how many snakes you’ll need in your inventory by the time the day ends in the Americas:

If your May 9 target is all the prizes and all 10 Whack Boxes: You’ll need to be whacking 775 snakes a day and have put 15,500 snakes in your inventory. That’s just enough to earn you your third Whack Box.
If your May 9 target is Miss Springfield and the Sleep-eazy Motel: You’ll need to be whacking snakes at the rate of 431 a day and have put 8,620 snakes in your inventory. Still no new prize, but you’re edging closer to Tatum.
If your May 9 target is Springfield Coliseum and Tatum: You’ll need to be adding about 345 snakes a day to your inventory. At this stage you should have collected around 6,900 of them. You’re just a couple of days away from Bare-Chested Willie.
If your May 9 target is Bare-chested Willie: You need to be gathering about 259 snakes a day. By now, you should have around 5,180.
If your May 9 target is the Pet Snake: You’ll need to collect about 190 snakes every day. As of today, you should have 3,800 in your inventory.
If your May 9 target is Duff Stadium: You need to be collecting about 146 snakes every day. Right now, you should have 2,920 of them, which means you have almost enough to get the Snake Statue.

Phew! So decide what prize you want and go for it. And if you need some help getting there, either add as many friends as your game allows you to, or find an egg buddy.

And if you’re already there – consider using those eggs to help other people get there as well (if you’re not doing that already). Take a look through the egg buddy thread, find someone you think deserves a big donation and then add them and deliver the eggs anonymously. You might make a complete stranger delirously and completely unreasonably happy.