Now that Android players have joined the social game, they’re experiencing what Apple players have enjoyed for a long time – random and unexplained drops in the Righteousness rating.

The Righteousness rating is the most difficult of all the Conform-o-meter ratings to manage. You can be playing along quite happily at 5 stars on all your ratings, but suddenly your Righteousness rating will plummet – and it’s often difficult to pinpoint exactly why. So here’s some advice on just what has an impact on your Righteousness and what you can do about it:

1. Character behavior: I personally don’t believe that this has an impact (and can’t find anything in the files to support it). Other players feel that it does. In my own game, my characters rarely go to Church and Snake, Fat Tony, Legs and Louie are all constantly engaged in criminal activity, and I haven’t seen a drop in some time. The only criminal that you have to keep off the streets is Sideshow Bob, and his appearance without capture will cause a Righteousness drop (eventually).

2. Grafitti: Graffiti in your town seems to negatively affect your righteousness rating but cleaning it up restores your rating very quickly in your town, and you get 1/2 a point back for each piece of graffiti you clean up in your friends’ towns. Also leaving graffiti in friends’ towns should cause your rating to drop (although some players have reported that it increases the rating, which seems to be a glitch).

3. Visiting friends: If you don’t visit friends for a while and do some cleaning up, and very few friends visit you and leave graffiti for you to clean up, the rating seems to plummet automatically. I’m not sure exactly how long “for a while” is, though.

4. New levels: These often seem to cause a drop in the rating at some point.

5. Random behavior: It may just be that random drops in the rating are built into the game.

So, I hope this helps. And you have any other thought, please keep sending them in.