If you’ve managed to win the Pet Snake or Bare-Chested Willie, then Drederick Tatum and the Coliseum are well within your reach before the end of Whacking Day. To prepare for the land you’ll need, you can take a look at how big the Coliseum is here. But what exactly does Tatum do?

Tatum (Springfield’s answer to Mike Tyson) has a short quest when he arrives and a nice range of tasks, including one that let’s him join Krusty and Reverened Lovejoy in parading pets around New Springfield and another that lets him join the growing number of Springfield runners and power walkers. None of his tasks earn at a premium rate, however (he is a free character after all) and none of them earn you snakes.

Here’s what you’ll be able to send him to do (if you don’t have him already):

Task Length Cash XP
Dine at the Truffle (indoors) 2 hours 110 27XP
Walk the Tiger (outdoors) 4 hours $175 45XP
Step into the ring (indoors – Coliseum) 8 hours $275 70XP
Answer questions at the Police Station (indoors) 12 hours $420 100XP
Stay in shape (otdoors) 24 hours $600 150XP

One more thing – you’ll be happy to know that Tatum is a voiced character and that means you’ll be able to hear him greet everyone in a voice that sound a little like Elmer Fudd.