In yesterday’s Outsiders’ Musings, I wrote about the effects of the texture glitch in people’s towns. Here are a few of the ones sent in; some are quite interesting. If you can’t see the error clearly, click on the picture to see it larger. Furthermore, I am putting complicated spedarclioed titles for some of these gallery posts, so mind my effort.

20130429-035854 PM.jpg
20130429-035904 PM.jpg
20130429-035908 PM.jpg
20130429-035915 PM.jpg
20130429-035922 PM.jpg
The most common:
20130429-035935 PM.jpg
This is the most unusual: can anybody help with the cracked egg mystery?
20130429-035927 PM.jpg
20130429-041246 PM.jpg
20130429-041305 PM.jpg
20130429-041313 PM.jpg
20130429-041320 PM.jpg
20130429-041329 PM.jpg
20130429-041334 PM.jpg

If you’ve got any more you spot in yours or a friend’s town, post it on an image site and comment the link.

20130429-040328 PM.jpg