Fat Tony’s house is one of the larger buildings in Springfield – not as large as Burns Manor, for sure, but large enough for a man of Fat Tony’s status.

Mine is currently sitting on the southern edge of my town where, as soon as I expand my land area, Fat Tony will get an acreage that befits a man of his means (and, yes, the red brick walls are ugly – I’m really looking forward to the Cobblestone Walls that are currently sitting in the files):

I really like the shot-guns that pop up out of the lawn and rotate when there’s someone inside the house!

Here are a couple more. From @rm4xwell:

And from modtl, who clearly wanted to cut down on Fat Tony’s commute:

What have you done? Take a screenshot, upload it to an image site, and post a link in the comments or send it to me on Twitter to @TSTOTips. Or you can just tell us what you’ve done (although a picture is better!). I’m planning an update post later in the week.