When we left Fat Tony and the gang in part 2 of the walkthrough (which you can find here), Marge was protesting against Springfield’s growing Mafia menace, while Fat Tony was busy at the racetrack fixing races. Marge’s protest does little for Fat Tony’s mood, as you’ll soon see:

1. Taking Care of Business Once Marge’s protest is over, Fat Tony expresses his concerns:
Fat Tony: Boys, Marge Simpson is onto us. Someone in our organization squealed. I need you to find out who.
Louie: Wouldn’t it just be easier to “take care” of this Simpson lady?
Fat Tony: Louie, Louie, Louie. Women are for taking care of, not “take care” of. Find some guy to nuts on instead.
And in a joint task, Legs and Louie head off to carry out Fat Tony’s instructions and interrogate a squealer – it will only take an hour to get him to confess. Keep Luigi free as they finish.

2. The Italian Job Luigi is happy to see Fat Tony’s return (and is apparently happy to ignore all the times Fat Tony has eaten at his restaurant in the games of people who’ve had him since November):

Fat Tony: Which I will now collect. Back-dated, of course, to the birth of New Springfield.
Luigi: But I didn’t get unlocked until level 18. It’s-a not fair!
Fat Tony: Then you can file a complaint at the monthly meeting of the Extortionee’s Committee. The system is in place for a reason.
Fat Tony heads into Luigi’s for the dinner special, where he’ll spend the next 4 hours. Keep Legs and Louie free as he finishes.

3. Gangster Paradise Satisfied and full, Fat Tony calls in his boys. Unfortunately, even in the Mafia, it’s hard to get good help. Before getting down to business, Louie needs to spend the next 8 hours performing a hit in the Brown House. Legs, however, goes off to Fat Tony’s Compound to sell smuggled goods while Louie is otherwise engaged. Keep Chief Wiggum and Fat Tony free as they finish.

4. Puff Justice With all his usual speed and deep knowledge of the law, Chief Wiggum is finally on to them:

Fat Tony: Whatever for, Officer?
Chief Wiggum: Impersonating an Ethnic Stereotype. You’re sentenced to 24 years in prison. Oops, this says 24 hours. Must be a typo. You’re lucky I don’t like refilling out forms.
Fat Tony, Legs and Louie all head off to the slammer. Fat Tony goes in for 24 hours, and from there he’ll continue to run his organized crime empire, while Legs and Louie go in for a 4-hour break. Legs and Louie will need to be free to greet Fat Tony when he comes out.

5. Business as Usual On his release from Springfield Penitentiary, Fat Tony has just one instruction to Legs and Louie:

For the next 12 hours, Legs and Louie will be running all over town: Legs will have a baseball bat so that he can effectively “protect” local businesses, while Louie will carry a briefcase to hold all the tributes they pass him.

And that’s where Fat Tony’s quest ends. Which means, if you have the Hot Tub, Fat Tony can take some time off to relax!