As if we need anything new in a month when we’ve been very spoilt and have more new content than we really know what to do with!

But it looks like there will be something new this week – a limited-time promotion for the new episode on Sunday May 5, Whiskey Business. While it’s in the files and has been planned and scripted, that’s no guarantee, of course, that it will actually arrive. But if it does, we’ll probably see it some time on Thursday (US)this coming week – unless EA surprises us again with an early release as they did for the Swanky Fish promotion!

If you don’t want to know any more than that, and you’re on the home page, stay right where you are. If you don’t mind spoilers, tap on the link below the picture (and if you’re already on the post page and hate spoilers, this is you chance to leave).

As a tie-in to the new episode, Moe gets a new suit and you get a new quest for Moe. This is the message you should see sometime this week:

In this Sunday’s episode on FOX, Moe gets a new suit and a new lease on life.

And there’s a quest as well. I’m leaving out the dialog, but here’s what it will involve:

1. Moe’s New Suit Part 1 Make Respectable Moe strut
2. Moe’s New Suit Part 2 Reach level 16 and build the Gilded Truffle / Make Homer, Marge and Respectable Moe dine at the Truffle
3. Moe’s New Suit Part 3 Make Respectable Moe clean the Tavern
4. Moe’s New Suit Part 4 Make Respectable Moe distil 15-year-old whiskey

It looks like Moe’s suit (Respectable Moe) is a free gift, and it’s possible that there’ll be a premium item as well (although I haven’t found one that obviously matches this promotion). Still, a costume for Moe is something to look forward to – if it happens, of course.