This question keeps coming up and, unfortunately, the answer is that, unlike the Valentine’s event, there’s no way to see who’s thinking of you and leaving eggs and who’s not within the game itself. That means friends have needed to get a bit creative and spell out their names or leave eggs in a designated location.

But that has some important consequences that you need to be aware of when you’re delivering eggs to friends’ towns, as Alex and other players point out (and I apologise to the person who originally suggested this post – I can’t find your original comment):

Alex: I have a deal where I spell my friend spells their name in eggs (normally around 100) and I’ll leave 100 back. But someone is now filling in the letters with other eggs so it’s impossible to see who left the eggs. And I noticed my name blocked out on someone else’s town.

So, as part of the etiquette of Whacking Day, if you’re delivering eggs and you see a design or someone’s else’s name spelt out in eggs, back away slowly and head to another part of town. Don’t mess up the design or try to fill in the gaps as it’s the only way within the game that players have to let each other know who’s given them the gift of snake eggs.

For other advice on how to be a good neighbor during Whacking Day, see this post.


The screenshot above is from ipadpronto 🙂