Tapped Out events are usually designed so that if you join them from the beginning, it’s realistic for you to get all the prizes without using donuts. But the Whacking Day event is set at the more challenging end of that realism scale, which makes the prizes a bit difficult to achieve if you’re a late starter and you don’t want to sacrifice one or all or work, family or school (and if you haven’t seen the new ad for the game yet, this is probably a great moment to head off here to the post, take a look, then come back and read the rest of this one).

Here’s a comment that came in from VisitDr.Ed that looks at where your goals should be if you have really only just started. As always, feel free to comment:

It is great to know what your snake count should be each day if you are trying to earn all of the prizes by May 9th. But, I believe that for most players it reminds them of just how far behind they are.

When Whacking Day started, I was amazed at just how many snakes were needed to win all of the prizes. And since I foolishly went off the grid while camping during the first weekend, I found myself behind in my snake count from the very beginning.

To catch up, I needed to whack a lot of snakes quickly. But just how many snakes would I be able to obtain each day? A useful answer was difficult to obtain because the Whacking Day event is so complicated. So, from April 16th through the 19th, I kept track of whacking snakes, cracking eggs, and inventories from over 30 individual Springfields.

After evaluating many thousands of snakes and eggs (over 23,000), the data indicates:

When whacking snakes, 80% are snakes and 20% are eggs. A ratio of 4:1.
When cracking eggs, 75% are snakes and 25% are eggs, A ratio of 3:1.

So, how many snakes can someone add to their inventory each day?

I assume that you are at least at Level 10 (so you have Willie), you have at least 2,000 snakes (so you have an Expert Whacking License and Snake Rocks), and that eggs are not used to speed things up or buy premium items. I also assume that you play at least twice per day.

(A) From the measured data, when playing twice per day, an average of about 160 snakes and 40 eggs are added daily to the inventory.

(B) Snake Rocks generate 10 snakes every 4 hours. On average, if you release snakes 5 times each day, you get 50 pre-whacked snakes. After whacking, 40 snakes and 10 eggs are added.

(C) When characters with snake-generating tasks are kept busy (Homer 10, Apu 10, Ned 10, Cletus 2 X 5 = 10, Lisa 4 X 3 = 12, Milhouse 2 X 5 = 10, and Willie 2 X 5 = 10), 72 snakes are added.

(D) If you have 100 friends, visit 100 Springfields, and find all 5 snakes each day, you will have 500 pre-whacked snakes available. Upon whacking, you can add 400 snakes and 100 eggs to the inventory

(E) Your Egg Buddy (with a Springfield like yours), can deposit 150 eggs (40+10+100) in your Springfield each day. After whacking, you will have 113 snakes and 37 eggs. Your 150 eggs deposited with your Egg Buddy will also generate 37 more eggs for them. When given back to you, those 37 eggs will add 28 snakes and 9 eggs. Moving eggs back and forth, the 9 eggs add 7 snakes and 2 eggs and those last 2 eggs generate 2 more snakes. So, on average, those 150 original eggs generate about 150 snakes.

So, the absolute maximum number of snakes from above is (A) 160 + (B) 40 + (C) 72 + (D) 400 + (E) 150 which equals 822 snakes.

On April 27th, we have 13 days remaining (which includes May 9th). In 13 days, the maximum number of snakes you can add is 13 x 822 = 10,686 snakes. So, if you have 2,000 snakes now, you will just be able to win all of the prizes by May 9th if you add the maximum of 822 snakes each day.

But adding that many snakes daily is completely unrealistic. If you miss playing twice one day or can’t visit all of your friends each day or your Egg Buddy doesn’t deliver (or you have a real life), as of today if you only have 2,000 snakes – it is no longer realistically possible to win all of the prizes!

The only solutions are (1) to have many Egg Buddys that deposit eggs but ask for nothing in return and (2) to spend real money to buy eggs to speed things up and buy egg-generating premium items.

Many are trying to catch up to win all of the prizes. But 822 snakes is the absolute maximum that you can add daily. Keep that in mind when planning your end game!