A lot of great advice has come in from readers this week. Here’s a tip from alainbryden on how to make it easier for your friends to leave you eggs:

I’ve taken earlier posts’ advice to clear up clutter on my streets. In fact, since I noticed snakes tend to head for streets more often than not, I temporarily replaced all my streets with concrete (pretty quick and easy to do since they’re on a fixed grid), and placed just a few blocks of street in an open field in the center of my town.

The result is that friends are leaving way more eggs in my town. I think they are appreciating how much easier it is to hunt down snakes (a few seconds instead of the 5-10 minutes it takes me in some of the biggest most cluttered towns), and they leave eggs as a thanks.

Something to consider. It also makes it easier to hunt down your own snakes, not to mention track down those Springfielders you might have forgotten to put to work.