Bare-chested Willie is the eighth prize in the Whacking Day event, and while this Willie costume doesn’t earn you premium amounts of cash and XP, it gives some really nice variety to the tasks you can set Willie doing (as well as a 1-hour wrestle-a-snake task that earns you 1 snake). It also comes with a short quest, and here it is:

1. Getting All Tarzan Milhouse needs help (although only Willie needs to be free) so Bare-chested Willie comes to the rescue. His first task is spend an hour wrestling a snake, an animation I like so much that I’m showing the screenshot again:

2. Fit as a Butcher’s Dog Bare-chested Willie thanks the snake for the work-out and continues it on his own by doing one-fingered push-ups for the next 12 hours outside his shack:

3. Stomaching the Chore Skinner (who doesn’t need to be free) notices something:
Skinner: Willie, I noticed that you’re only half-dressed.
Willie: Aye.
Skinner: Do you think it’s appropriate attire for a school?
Willie: With wash-board abs like this, I don’t have to think.
Skinner: Hmm, wash-board abs. And today is laundry day… Go ahead and keep your shirt off, Willie. I’ve got a job for you!
And that job is for Willie to use his wash-board abs to do Skinner’s laundry – which will take 24 hours.

4. Warming the Belly Bare-chested Willie returns Skinner’s laundry to him:
Willie: Here’s yer smalls.
Skinner: Thank you Willie. And you even got the stains out! Perhaps later I can get you a load of darks.
Willie: *sigh* I’ll be in my shack.
Which is exactly where he goes to spend 8 hours out of sight enjoying a wee shot of Highland moonshine.

That’s where the quest ends. And it’s just a personal opinion, but I think the new tasks and animations for Willie make this a prize worth winning.