Ever since the Whacking Day update, a number of regular tasks have created problems for a number of people. What seems to happen is that you set the character or characters on the task, go and do something else in the game, and when you come back, they’re walking around aimlessly as if you’ve never given them the task to do. The characters and tasks affected seem to be:

  • Legs and Louie intimidating a squealer
  • Smithers and Burns exercising
  • Bart running away with Kang
  • The Rich Texan riding the Mechanical Bull

I’ve written about the Rich Texan’s problems here and Mike has even made a video about it:

But it’s quite apparent that not everyone is experiencing the same thing. For example, while the Rich Texan won’t stay on his bull in my game, Legs and Louie have no problem intimidating the squealer.

Apart from spending donuts on speeding up the task, this isn’t an easy one to resolve. Some people have got over it through sheer persistence, or by closing the game for the duration of the task. But it only seems to arise if you start the characters on the task, then go and do something else in the game – like moving, building or breaking eggs.

If anyone has come up with any other solutions, please let us all know.