The weekend is time to do a bit of catching up on numbers of snakes in your inventory. April 27 is Day 17, and here’s where you need to be by end of the day in the US:

To get all the 10 prizes: you’ll need to have put 7,327 snakes in your inventory – you should get Bare-chested Willie very soon.
To get all the prizes and all 10 Whack Boxes: you’ll need to have put 13,175 snakes in your inventory – and that will be enough to get Miss Springfield.

If you want to see the basis for these numbers, take a look at Friday’s post, here.

Still to come for the weekend – the final part of the Fat Tony walkthrough and some buying advice on the Rich Texan, as well as updates on some bugs and glitches and some tips from readers on both giving and receiving eggs and on whacking snakes. There’ll also be a little look at something new that we may well see this week. And I’m now down to the last 40 of the questions that have built up this week, so I hope to have answers for them all by the end of the weekend!