P.S.: Please don’t make egg requests in the comments to this post, but you’re more than welcome to indicate that you’re joining the “egg pledge” as a donor (no need for an ID – it’s anonymous after all). Unfortunately, I’ll need to delete any more “Add me” comments or requests for donations from the comments section of this post. Please use the Add Friends page of Egg Buddies 3, whichever is best for you.

I now have all the prizes and I’m not particularly excited about the Whack Boxes. So, here’s what I’m doing…

I’ve cleared out a few spaces on my friend list and I’m adding one person from the Add Friends or Egg Buddy list on this site each day to give a large present of eggs to (the number depends on how much time I have and how close they are to the next prize level). I figure I have all the prizes and I really would like it if as many people as possible have them as well. It’s an anonymous egg donation, if you like.

Can I suggest that everyone in the same position as I am does the same and to focus on those of your friends who are oviously playing, but still short of where they need to be? Use Liss’s task to see who they are, or add some people from the Egg Buddies 3 post and give them a bit of a boost. Let’s help each other out.