It’s the weekend, so it’s poll time and the idea for this week’s poll comes from Lee.

It was just on four months from the time I started the game to the time I reached the top level. I wasn’t writing this blog at that stage, so I wasn’t using any donuts to speed up tasks (I was a bit skeptical back then of using real money to buy virtual items as well, so how things have changed!).

At the time, just short of 4 months seemed about right. But I’ve seen reports of people taking much shorter amounts of time. And the addition of 3 new levels as well as the current glitch in the progression of quests and tasks has made the time it takes to unlock all the buildings and characters a bit more unpredictable.

So, this week’s poll asks you how long it took you to get to whatever was the top level of the game at the time there was nothing more for you to add. Vote and see how long it took everyone else!