We’re at that stage of the event where some people have gathered all the prizes and some people are on track to get them all, but others are well behind and still others are just beginning. There are lots of ways you can catch up, but one way is proving very popular – and that’s to find an egg buddy.

I know that not everyone likes the idea and I truly understand why – if everything was working as it should, we would all be dividing our eggs between all our friends and we’d all be moving along at a steady pace. But, honestly, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Throughout the first 16 days I think I received less than 50 eggs from any of my 100 friends I’m not related to! And looking at how some of my friends are progressing and reading the comments that come through here, I’m not alone in that.

For those coming across the idea for the first time, egg buddies put the social into the snake eggs for friends part of the game. It came about because many players hardly ever saw eggs in their town. They weren’t getting eggs, and when they were, they had no idea where they came from. An egg buddy should be someone that you can count on to regularly deliver you the snake eggs that help boost your snake count. The way it works is that you agree to drop a certain number of eggs in a specific location in each other’s towns each day, either for a certain number of days or throughout the event. That way you’re sure to get eggs from someone and you’ll know who they’re from as well.

So, here’s the place to put your fresh egg buddy requests, and for it to appear here and here’s the information you’ll need to put in your request:

1. Your origin ID
2. Generally, where you are in the world
3. Your current snake total
4. How many eggs you’d like to exchange each day
5. Where you would like them to be left

And if you’re answering an egg buddy request, please be sure to give the same information at minimum. It doesn’t work if the other person doesn’t know who you are (and if the information isn’t there, I won’t be letting responses to an egg buddy request pass through moderation). It’s also important that, like any relationship, it’s important to build up a bit of trust first – go step-by-step and start small, rather than just delivering all the eggs you have.

So, go on – find yourself an egg buddy so that you can help each other towards those great prizes.

And here’s a little bonus from Mark:

If you have found your egg buddy, I’ve started “attempting” to track them in a Google Doc:


I know a lot of us play when we are nowhere near our computers, but I thought that this might at least help some of us out.

After you find your buddy:
– Put YOUR Name
– Put YOUR Buddy’s Name
– Have your BUDDY put how many eggs they left
– Have your BUDDY put last time they left eggs
– Have your BUDDY say where they left them

Let’s see if we can find who is sharing the most eggs! Are you game?

I’ve left the doc open and publicly editable – will shut it down after Whacking Day is over.

Note: I’ll be closing comments on the original egg buddy posts at midnight US EST on Friday, April 27.