The Bare-chested Willie costume is the eighth Whacking Day prize and, to earn it, you need to have collected 7500 snakes in your snake inventory (and probably have actually whacked more than 10,000!). As it’s a prize, like Gymnastic Lisa, it’s not a premium costume. Willie earns exactly the same amount for his tasks whether he is bare-chested or not – with one exception.

Bare-chested Willie has one task (and only one) that earns you any snakes. You can send him off to wrestle snakes for 1 hour and he’ll earn you exactly 1 snake. That’s all. But it’s certainly better than the 5 snakes for the 12-hour task that he earns when he’s wearing a shirt and injecting himself with snake venom.

So, here’s Bare-chested Willie’s task list:

Task Length Snakes XP
Wrestle a snake 60 minutes 1 snake 17XP
Attend Janitors Anonymous 4 hours $175 45XP
Enjot a wee shot of highland moonshine 8 hours $275 70XP
One-finger push ups 12 hours $420 100XP
Use washboard abs 24 hours $600 150XP